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Anticipatory Bail Meaning Bail Bond


Anticipatory Bail Meaning is not defined anywhere in the code of criminal procedure, 1973 (CrPC). However, the term was first mentioned in 41st Law Commission Report, 1969. They felt that it would be necessary to add a provision for apprehending of the arrest of any person or to protect the accused when he believed that he may get arrested for any non-bailable offence. Hence, Parliament has considered the said report and felt that it need the hour. Therefore, parliament while enacting the law, added the provision of Anticipatory Bail u/s 438 of CrPC.

Withdrawal of anticipatory bail application meaning

This means taking back the anticipatory bail application from the record of the court. how to withdraw bail application? To withdraw the anticipatory bail application, only need to apply to the Hon’ble Court.

What is the duration of anticipatory bail? what is the validity of anticipatory bail?

Duration of anticipatory bail is till the disposal of the case.

What is the procedure to get anticipatory bail?

Firstly, we need to apply to the court. Thereafter, the court issue notice to police to call their reply on the application of anticipatory bail. And till that time court may grant interim bail to the accused. Ad-interim anticipatory bail meaning means it is the direction to the police not to arrest the accused till the next date.

What happens after anticipatory bail?

After granting of Anticipatory bail by the court, in the event of arrest, the accused need to execute the bail bond before the police station. Ant that bail bond shall continue till the disposal of the case.

Bail Bond

Bail bond means an arrangement by the court of law to appear before the court for the trial of the case. The court executes the Bail bond to secure the presence of the accused before the court on every date of hearing. Accused can give surety in the form of solvent surety or the form of cash surety. If the accused breach the conditions of the bail bond, in that case, the court may issue an arrest warrant against the accused. Court also may release the accused on his personal bond. A personal bond is the kind of bond where the court release the accused on his personal undertaking to attend to the matter on every date.

Anticipatory Bail Meaning in different languages

anticipatory bail meaning in Bengali? আগাম জামিন, anticipatory bail meaning in Hindi? अग्रिम जमानत anticipatory bail meaning in Tamil? எதிர்பார்ப்பு ஜாமீன்anticipatory bail meaning in Marathi?  अटकपूर्व जामीनanticipatory bail meaning in Panjabi?  ਅਗਾ .ਂ ਜ਼ਮਾਨਤanticipatory bail meaning in Malayalam?  മുൻ‌കൂട്ടി ജാമ്യംanticipatory bail meaning in Kannada?  ನಿರೀಕ್ಷಿತ ಜಾಮೀನು


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