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Box Size Definition

What Is a Field Measurement?

A field dimension is the minimal worth change that should happen earlier than the subsequent mark is added to a point-and-figure (P&F) chart.

Key Takeaways

  • Field sizes are a crucial element of P&F charts.
  • Modifying the field dimension of a P&F chart will affect how a lot the worth of the safety being noticed wants to alter earlier than a brand new knowledge level can be added to the chart.
  • They’re utilized by technical analysts to find out the quantity of decision they want to see.

Understanding Field Measurement

Field sizes are an integral part of P&F charts as a result of they decide the worth of worth actions that can be represented by every mark on the chart. A field dimension of $1.00, for instance, would imply that every mark on the P&F chart represents a $1.00 change within the worth of the safety.

Technical analysts use varied charts to information their funding selections. These charts seize previous and current worth info to help in figuring out when to purchase or promote a specific safety, resembling a stock or a futures contract.

Conventional chart sorts embrace candlestick, bar, and line charts, which plot worth adjustments at particular time intervals, resembling as soon as per buying and selling day. P&F charts, alternatively, add a brand new knowledge level solely as soon as the worth of the safety has moved by a certain amount. The quantity by which the worth should change earlier than a brand new knowledge level is added is known as the field dimension.

To know additional, contemplate the next instance of a P&F chart:

Picture by Sabrina Jiang © Investopedia 2021

The round shapes proven characterize a decline within the worth of the safety, whereas the X shapes characterize a rise in worth. The house on the chart wherein every of those shapes happen is known as the “field.” On this instance, the field worth is $5.00. Due to this fact, a column with three X shapes represents a rise of $15.00, a column with 12 circles represents a decline of $60.00, and so forth.

Field Measurement Instance

When costs are rising, the Xs of a P&F chart are stacked on prime of each other each time the worth will increase by the field dimension, producing a column. Equally, as soon as the worth drops by an quantity equal to the field dimension, a brand new column of circles can be created to the proper of the earlier X column. So long as costs proceed to drop, extra circles can be stacked beneath the primary circle to indicate every extra box-sized decline in worth (on this case, in increments of $5 every).

P&F charts with bigger field sizes present a much less detailed view of the safety in query, whereas charts with smaller field sizes present a extra detailed view.

Suppose, for instance, that within the chart above the field dimension was $50 as an alternative of $5. In that state of affairs, lots of the columns of Xs and Os proven on the chart wouldn’t be seen in any respect. The ensuing form of the chart can be extra clean, displaying solely the excessive stage worth motion with much less of its nuanced peaks and valleys. 

The other can be true. If the field dimension was $1 as an alternative of $5, we might see a a lot increased decision of worth variations.

Every dealer may have their very own preferences relating to the extent of element they want to see of their charts. By tweaking the field dimension, merchants can alter P&F charts to disclose solely the extent of element they discover most helpful of their evaluation.

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