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Call Risk Definition

What Is Name Danger?

Name danger is the chance {that a} bond issuer will redeem a callable bond previous to maturity. This implies the bondholder will obtain cost on the worth of the bond and, generally, will probably be reinvesting in a much less favorable atmosphere—one with a decrease rate of interest.

Key Takeaways

  • Name danger is the chance {that a} callable bond will probably be “known as.” The chance pertains to a bond being known as earlier than maturity. 
  • Callable bonds are akin to name choices, the place the issuer has the appropriate to name the bond earlier than maturity. 
  • Name danger is just like reinvestment danger, the place the investor dangers having to reinvest at a decrease rate of interest. 

Understanding Name Danger

A callable bond is one that may be redeemed previous to its maturity date. The bond has an embedded option that’s just like a call option, giving the issuer the appropriate to name the bond earlier than it matures. When rates of interest drop available in the market, bond issuers search to benefit from the decrease charges by redeeming the excellent bonds and reissuing at a decrease financing fee. 

Name safety clauses assist shield traders from name danger by stopping an issuer from calling the bond over a set time period. 

Particular Concerns 

Calling a bond places bondholders at an obstacle, the place as soon as a bond is known as, curiosity funds cease being made on the retired bond. To guard traders from having their bonds redeemed too early, trust indentures, that are created on the time of issuance, embody a name safety clause.

The call protection is the time period throughout which a bond can’t be redeemed. After the decision safety expires, the date on which the issuer can name the bonds is known as the primary call date. Subsequent name dates are additionally highlighted within the belief indenture. The issuer could or could not redeem the bonds, relying on the rate of interest atmosphere. The chance of the bond being retired on any of the decision dates presents a name danger to the bondholders.

Instance of Name Danger

A callable bond is issued with a coupon rate of 5% and has a maturity of 10 years. The decision safety interval is 4 years, which implies the issuer can not name the bonds for the primary 4 years of the bond’s life no matter how rates of interest change. After the decision safety interval ends, bondholders are uncovered to the chance that the bonds could also be paid off if rates of interest drop beneath 5%.

If rates of interest have declined for the reason that bonds had been first issued, issuers will name the bond as soon as it turns into callable and can create a brand new challenge at a decrease fee. It could be troublesome, if not not possible, for bond traders to seek out different investments with returns as excessive because the refunded bonds. Traders will, subsequently, lose out on the excessive fee of their bonds and should put money into a decrease fee atmosphere. This reinvestment at a decrease rate of interest is known as reinvestment risk. Subsequently, traders uncovered to name danger are additionally uncovered to reinvestment danger.

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