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Cash On Delivery Shopping

How Does Cash on Delivery (COD) Work?

Cash on delivery (COD) transaction occurs when the recipient of a good pays for it at the time of delivery rather than using credit. According to the purchase agreement, different terms and methods of payment are acceptable. In addition to cash on delivery, collect on delivery also accepts checks, cash, and electronic payments.


  • A recipient pays cash on delivery (COD) for a good or service when it is delivered.
  • COD transactions can take many different forms, and each can have a significant financial impact.
    The advantage of COD shipping is that customers have time to save and pay in full.
  • Sellers who accept the goods from the buyer receive quicker payment for their sales.

The concept of Cash on Delivery (COD)

Different types of cash-on-delivery transactions can affect a company’s accounting in different ways. In accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), public companies are required to use the accrual accounting method. Accounting for revenues using accrual methods occurs when the transaction is made and the payment is subsequently recorded in accounts receivable when the payment is deferred. Companies using cash accounting or accrual accounting can choose either. In cash accounting, the transaction is not recorded as revenue until the company receives payment.

Customer payments are collected when a merchant is in person and the customer purchases an item from readily available inventory. Due to accrual accounting’s efficiency, accounts receivable are typically paid faster.

COD shipping, which allows a customer to defer payment until after delivery, is an option for companies with longer-term accounts receivable agreements. A COD can be used on certain mail order platforms, like eBay, to help reduce fraud risks between buyers and sellers. In general, COD requires a purchaser to wait until they receive their purchase before paying.

COD Benefits

Upon delivery of goods or services, COD facilitates immediate payment for many businesses.A business can greatly reduce days receivable by taking advantage of this accounting advantage.

It’s a way for companies to give their customers more time to pay without as much risk as a credit purchase.

COD order will usually arrive sooner than a standard invoicing order. Since an intermediary requires the customer to pay at delivery, this is beneficial. Customer can take time to obtain the money to finalize payment with COD shipping. With COD shipping, however, there is a risk that the customer might fail to plan properly for payment, which might result in a return. As well as not adding to the merchant’s profits, returned purchases are often associated with shipping return fees, which both disadvantage the merchant.

Introducing COD payment options to a newly formed business might enhance consumer confidence. Establishments generally prefer credit payment plans that charge interest and late fees than COD shipping.

Nevertheless, COD can have an advantage over credit in some cases since the seller receives payment in full at delivery. The use of COD can also help retailers avoid fraud, disputed payments, and the loss of customer ids that may happen. India is a country where cash-on-delivery is becoming increasingly popular. Consumers who cannot establish credit or do not have alternative means to pay tend to prefer COD transactions.

cash on delivery
cash on delivery

Compared to cash in advance, cash on delivery

As opposed to cash on delivery, cash in advance occurs before the product or service is shipped or delivered. Credit-based payment methods, such as cash-in-advance, eliminate the seller’s credit risk, or the risk of nonpayment. While the seller benefits from receiving cash in advance, the buyer risks receiving delayed, damaged, or non-standard goods. The seller and the buyer both benefit from cash on delivery.

When shipping goods under a cash-on-delivery agreement, payment is not required until the goods are delivered. The seller requires that the entire payment be made upfront in order to start the shipping process under cash-in-advance terms. Sellers are protected from lost money for goods shipped without payment.

In online marketplaces, e-commerce, and international business transactions, cash in advance is the most common form of payment. The ability of a business to assume risk will determine whether it chooses cash on delivery or cash in advance. Because large businesses have sophisticated accounts receivable and collections processes, cash in advance may be offered to buyers.

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FAQs about Cash on Delivery (COD)

Pay on Delivery: What Is It?

Upon receiving goods or services, the buyer pays cash on delivery. Paying in advance, on the other hand, is when goods or services are paid for before they are delivered, such as with an e-commerce credit account.

What Are The Benefits of Cash on Delivery?

Orders are placed online, for example, and deliveries are requested. Cash on delivery is chosen as a payment method by the customer since no payment is made while ordering the item. A receipt is attached to the parcel once the order has been placed by the seller. Customer’s address is used by the seller for shipping. Deliverers or shippers receive payment in cash or by credit card from customers. Upon COD receipt, the funds are deposited into the logistics partner’s or shipper’s account. Once the handling charges have been deducted, the logistics company sends the amount to the seller.

Cash on Delivery: What are Examples?

Several examples of cash on delivery include the payment for a pizza delivered to a customer’s home, the payment for something a customer has agreed to pay when it is delivered, or the payment for dry cleaning. Cash on delivery is available at some online stores.

Are there any pros and cons to cash on delivery?

Among the business benefits of COD are short payment periods, as well as fast cash receipts. It ensures reliable cash flow for businesses and safeguards them from the risk of customers not paying or paying late for goods. Consumers benefit from COD by being able to complete their payment in more time. COD is a convenient payment method for buyers without access to credit.

A disadvantage of COD for businesses is that there is a greater chance of items being refused upon delivery, and there are costs associated with returning items. When buyers have already paid for items at delivery, it may be more difficult to return them. If a consumer is unsatisfied with the goods, the seller might refuse to accept returns or may not be obligated to do so.

COD has many advantages

  • As compared to other payment methods, this method has a shorter payment period.
  • Methods like these provide some protection from late or nonpayment by customers.
  • Budgeting and cash flow are improved by cash on delivery.
  • No credit is required for consumers to buy products.
  • Pay on delivery has its cons
  • Deliveries are more likely to be refused.
  • The cost of returning items can be high when sellers lack support and infrastructure for returns.
  • Buyers may have difficulty returning products if they are not satisfied.

In a Nutshell

The buyer and seller both benefit from COD. Buying things with COD is convenient for people without credit. Payments are quicker for sellers if they accept the goods when they deliver them. As a result, a seller’s payment options depend largely on how much risk the seller is willing to assume and how well they can handle complications, such as late payments and returns.

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Cash On Delivery Shopping
Cash on delivery (COD) transaction occurs when the recipient of a good pays for it at the time of delivery rather than using credit. According to the purchase agreement,
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Cash On Delivery Shopping
Cash on delivery (COD) transaction occurs when the recipient of a good pays for it at the time of delivery rather than using credit. According to the purchase agreement,
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