The Delhi High Court has issued notice on a plea alleging that a Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) dispensary has dispensed the wrong medicine to the petitioner, who is a Government employee.

A single-judge bench of Justice Prathiba M. Singh issued notice in the plea and has directed the counsel present to seek instructions as to the availability of the correct medicine and why the CGHS dispensed a different medicine to the petitioner.

The petition has been filed by Jagdish Prasad, a Government servant suffering from various ailments diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, and was, inter alia, prescribed tablet Zandron 150mg (Nilutamide) for 50 days to which CGHS beneficiary approached the CGHS dispensary, where he was continuously dispensed a different medicine being Nilotonib 150mg (Tasigna) instead of Zandron 150mg (Nilutamide).

The petitioner informed the bench that his medical condition has deteriorated considerably and sought directions for supplying the prescribed medicine i.e., Zandron 150mg (Nilutamide), to the petitioner instead of the drug which is being dispensed by the CGHS dispensary.

The bench considered the urgency in the matter and has listed it for further hearing on February 3.



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