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Delivered Ex Quay (DEQ) Definition

What Is Delivered Ex Quay?

In worldwide commerce, DEQ or “delivered ex quay” was a contract specification the place the vendor needed to ship the products to the marina or wharf on the vacation spot port. In 2010, delivered ex quay was changed with delivered at terminal (DAT). As of 2020, delivered at place unloaded (DPU) unseated DAT.

A substitute of the time period “delivered ex quay” (DEQ), “delivered at terminal” is a wider time period, because the “terminal” referred to may be anywhere, whether or not on a waterway or a hub for one more type of transportation route.

Understanding Delivered Ex Quay (DEQ)

Delivered ex quay (DEQ) was a authorized time period as outlined by the Incoterms, the Worldwide Business Phrases revealed by the Worldwide Chamber of Commerce. These phrases, all with three-letter abbreviations, relate to frequent contractual practices in worldwide commerce and are used as commonplace objects to outline sure contract phrases.

Key Takeaways

  • Delivered ex quay (DEQ) was a contractual obligation whereby the vendor was required to ship items to the wharf on the vacation spot port.
  • Underneath DEQ, the vendor bore all dangers and prices till supply.
  • Delivered ex quay objects have been denoted as both obligation paid or unpaid.
  • Underneath the DES contractual obligation, the vendor makes the products out there aboard a ship on the vacation spot port.

The “D” (delivered”) portion of the Incoterms is onerous to the vendor as the vendor has to bear all dangers and prices till the merchandise is duly delivered as specified. Delivered at terminal (DAT) was outlined as a authorized time period by the Incoterms in 2010. In distinction to DEQ, DAT was out there to all transport modes and different terminals (not simply quays or wharves). DPU broadens the definition of location. For instance, it could embody the customer’s premises.

Delivered ex quay denoted objects to be delivered at a wharf, and was thus relevant to items delivered by way of waterways (whether or not inland or sea). It may very well be denoted as both obligation paid (the place the vendor was answerable for all prices, corresponding to customs obligation and taxes, related to the supply) or unpaid (the place the customer would assume these prices).

Delivered Ex Quay (DEQ) vs. Delivered Ex Ship (DES)

Delivered ex quay was an alternative choice to delivered ex ship (DES), which have each been changed with DPU. With a DES specification, the vendor makes the products out there aboard a ship on the vacation spot port. DEQ modified the specification in order that the products needed to be delivered to the wharf.

For DEQ to be relevant, the vendor would have to have an import license or in any other case be legally permitted to ship within the vacation spot nation. All authorized formalities required for transporting items to the wharf within the vacation spot nation, together with all of the documentation required for the customer to take supply of the products, needed to be accomplished by the vendor. The extra onerous phrases for a vendor of such a contract could be taken on as a result of it will be an incentive for the customer to contract with that firm.

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