Rift between Krushna Abhishek and Govinda was out in the open when the former refused to appear with his uncle on The Kapil Sharma Show. Govinda has now broken his silence on the issue and said he has often been subject to defamatory comments by Krushna and his wife Kashmera Shah in media and stage shows. He added that he was unable to understand what the couple was gaining from disrespecting him. Govinda said that he never wished to talk about their issues in public but was forced to after Krushana’s recent statement.

For the uninitiated, Krushna had recently clarified as to why he refused to appear alongside Govinda. He said he loves his mama but is unable to face him now as the things between have really changed now. He said comedy can be effective only when there is a warm atmosphere at the set. He added that he loves Govinda a lot and knows his mama has the same feelings for him, however, they have both become distant now despite the affection.

Krushna had further revealed that he tried to contact Govinda during the lockdown but received no response from him. He said Govinda did not even pay a visit to them in the hospital when his son was fighting for life. Govinda refuted the claim and said he did pay a visit to the hospital and even spoke to the doctors and the nurses there but they told him that Kashmera did not want to meet any family members. He added that I would now be maintaining graceful distance from him and urged those who dislike him to do the same. He also said that he is perhaps the most understood person, but feels discussing issues in public might cause an irreparable image to the family.

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