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Intellectual Property Definition

What Is Mental Property?

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Mental property is a broad categorical description for the set of intangible assets owned and legally protected by an organization or particular person from outdoors use or implementation with out consent. An intangible asset is a non-physical asset that an organization or individual owns.

The idea of mental property pertains to the truth that sure merchandise of human mind must be afforded the identical protecting rights that apply to bodily property, that are referred to as tangible assets. Most developed economies have authorized measures in place to guard each types of property.

Key Takeaways

  • Mental property is an umbrella time period for a set of intangible property or property that aren’t bodily in nature.
  • Mental property is owned and legally protected by an individual or firm from outdoors use or implementation with out consent.
  • Mental property can include many sorts of property, together with logos, patents, and copyrights.
  • Mental property infringement happens when a 3rd celebration engages within the unauthorized use of the asset.
  • Authorized protections for many mental property expire after a while; nevertheless, for some (e.g., logos), they final eternally.

Understanding Mental Property

Firms are diligent on the subject of figuring out and defending mental property as a result of it holds such excessive worth in at this time’s more and more knowledge-based financial system. Additionally, producing worth mental property requires heavy investments in brainpower and time of expert labor. This interprets into heavy investments by organizations and people that shouldn’t be accessed with no rights by others.

Extracting worth from mental property and stopping others from deriving worth from it is a vital accountability for any firm. Mental property can take many types. Though it is an intangible asset, mental property might be much more invaluable than an organization’s bodily property. Mental property can signify a competitive advantage and because of this, is fiercely guarded and guarded by the businesses that personal the property.

Varieties of Mental Property

Mental property can include many sorts of intangibles, and a number of the commonest are listed under.


A patent is a property proper for an investor that is usually granted by a authorities company, such because the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent permits the inventor unique rights to the invention, which may very well be a design, course of, an enchancment, or bodily invention similar to a machine. Know-how and software program corporations typically have patents for his or her designs. For instance, the patent for the non-public pc was filed in 1980 by Steve Jobs and three different colleagues at Apple Inc.


Copyrights present authors and creators of authentic materials the unique proper to make use of, copy, or duplicate their materials. Authors of books have their works copyrighted as do musical artists. A copyright additionally states that the unique creators can grant anyone authorization by means of a licensing settlement to make use of the work.


A trademark is a logo, phrase, or insignia that’s recognizable and represents a product that legally separates it from different merchandise. A trademark is completely assigned to an organization, which means the corporate owns the trademark in order that no others might use or copy it. A trademark is commonly related to an organization’s model. For instance, the emblem and model identify of “Coca Cola,” is owned by the Coca-Cola Company (KO).


A franchise is a license that an organization, particular person, or celebration–referred to as the franchisee–purchases permitting them to make use of an organization’s–the franchisor–identify, trademark, proprietary data, and processes.

The franchisee is usually a small enterprise proprietor or entrepreneur who operates the retailer or franchise. The license permits the franchisee to promote a product or present a service underneath the corporate’s identify. In return, the franchisor is paid a start-up price and ongoing licensing fees by the franchisee. Examples of corporations that use the franchise enterprise mannequin embody United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS) and McDonald’s Company (NYSE: MCD).

Commerce Secrets and techniques

A trade secret is an organization’s course of or follow that’s not public info, which supplies an financial profit or benefit to the corporate or holder of the commerce secret. Commerce secrets and techniques should be actively protected by the corporate and are usually the results of an organization’s research and development.

Examples of commerce secrets and techniques may very well be a design, sample, recipe, components, or proprietary course of. Commerce secrets and techniques are used to create a enterprise mannequin that differentiates the corporate’s choices to its clients by offering a aggressive benefit.

Mental Property Infringement

Hooked up to mental property are sure rights, often called Mental Property Rights (IPR), that can’t be infringed upon by these with out authorization to make use of them. IPRs give homeowners the flexibility to bar others from recreating, mimicking, and exploiting their work.

Patents infringement happens when a legally-protected patent is utilized by one other individual or firm with out permission. Patents filed earlier than June 8, 1995, are legitimate for 17 years, whereas patents filed after this date are legitimate for 20 years. After the expiration date, the small print of the patent are made public.

Copyright violations happen when an unauthorized celebration recreates all or a portion of an authentic work, similar to a murals, music, or a novel. The duplicated content material needn’t be a precise reproduction of the unique to qualify as an infringement.

Equally, trademark infringement happens when an unauthorized celebration makes use of a licensed trademark or a mark resembling the licensed trademark. For instance, a competitor would possibly use a mark just like its rival’s to disrupt enterprise and entice their buyer base. Additionally, companies in unrelated industries might use similar or related marks in an effort to capitalize on different corporations’ robust model photographs.

Commerce secrets and techniques are sometimes protected by non-disclosure agreements (NDA). When a celebration to the settlement discloses all or elements of a commerce secret to uninterested events, they’ve violated the settlement and infringed upon the commerce secret. It’s potential to be responsible of commerce secret infringement when an NDA is just not current.

Penalties for mental property infringement vary from fines to jail sentences.

Particular Concerns

Many types of mental property can’t be listed on the balance sheet as property since there aren’t particular accounting rules to worth every asset. Nevertheless, the worth of the property tends to be mirrored within the value of the inventory since market individuals are conscious of the existence of the mental property.

Some intangible property are recorded as property, similar to patents as a result of they’ve an expiration date. These property are acknowledged by a numerical worth by means of the method of amortization. Amortization is an accounting methodology that decreases the worth of an intangible asset over a set time period. This course of helps the corporate to cut back their earnings by expensing a set quantity every year for tax functions because the helpful lifetime of the intangible asset winds down.

For instance, a patent would possibly solely have 20 years earlier than it is registered as public area. An organization would assign a complete worth to the patent. Every year for 20 years, the patent could be expensed or amortized by the same amount by dividing the entire worth by 20 years. Every year the amortized asset quantity would cut back the corporate’s net income or revenue for tax functions. Nevertheless, mental property that’s thought-about to have a perpetual life, similar to a trademark, is just not amortized because it would not expire.

Actual-World Instance

In 2017, there was a broadly publicized mental property case through which an organization referred to as Waymo sued Uber over alleged stealing and implementation of expertise regarding Waymo’s self-driving automotive program. The plans for the expertise, though not but fully viable, constituted vital mental property for Waymo. Once they alleged that Uber had obtained their mental property, they had been in a position to take motion by means of the court docket system to aim to maintain Uber from using the data to reinforce their very own self-driving automotive program.

Mental Property FAQs

What Are the 4 Predominant Varieties of Mental Property?

The 4 primary sorts of mental property are patents, logos, copyrights, and commerce secrets and techniques.

Who Owns Mental Property?

Usually, the creator of a piece is deemed its proprietor. Nevertheless, mental property possession might be decided otherwise for several types of property and underneath various circumstances. For instance, if work is created for an employer, the employer is the proprietor of that mental property. Additionally, possession rights will also be transferred to different events.

What Is Mental Property Used For?

Mental property can be utilized for numerous causes, similar to branding and advertising, in addition to to guard property that give a aggressive benefit.

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