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Locus Sigilli Definition

What Does Locus Sigilli Imply?

“Locus Sigilli”, actually which means the place of the seal, is a Latin time period denoting the world on a contract the place the seal is to be affixed. The Locus Sigilli typically seems on copies of paperwork in brackets. This signification was used to switch precise seals on paperwork.

Key Takeaways

  • “Locus Sigilli”, Latin for the place of the seal, denotes the world on a contract the place the seal is to be affixed.
  • By the nineteenth century, embossed or impressed seals, and using the initials L.S., changed wax seals in most jurisdictions.
  • The abbreviation L.S. could seem on notarial certificates to point the place the official seal must be affixed—or to let a signatory know the place to affix their signature.

Understanding Locus Sigilli

A seal is an official mark on a contract or doc to point out that it has been licensed, formally authorized, and has authorized pressure. A contract beneath seal signifies the events’ intention to be legally certain by the phrases contained inside them.

Traditionally, beneath the frequent legislation, a seal might take the place of consideration given in a contract. In concept, contracts beneath seal are extra enforceable than contracts not bearing a seal, though legal guidelines do differ from state to state, and in lots of locations, there could also be no authorized distinction between a sealed or unsealed contract.

In fashionable legislation, there’s a decreased distinction between paperwork which have this designation and authentic copies that bear an official seal. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) has mandated that this distinction is irrelevant for the gross sales of products. Nevertheless, for a lot of paperwork, reminiscent of beginning certificates and marriage certificates, an official seal is critical to certify the doc and provides it authorized weight.

Firm seals are inclined to state its title, date, and state of incorporation.

Examples of Locus Sigilli

The abbreviation L.S. could seem on notarial certificates to let the notary or different official know the place the official seal must be affixed. It will also be used to let a signatory know the place to affix their signature.

If an embossed seal is used, the seal must be affixed over the letters. However, if a rubber stamp seal is used, it must be affixed subsequent to, not over, the abbreviation—notaries more and more use rubber stamps as a result of their print is simpler to microfilm for official recording.

Historical past of Locus Sigilli

The time period Locus Sigilli, or the abbreviation L.S., has been used to switch the even older observe of affixing a wax seal to contracts or different paperwork, by way of authentication. Traditionally, using a wax seal provided proof that the proprietor of the seal was a celebration to the contract, because the signet ring or different engraved object used to imprint the wax was broadly recognized to determine its proprietor.

The wax seal additional eliminated the necessity for consideration in a contract, till fashionable reforms in contract legislation made this precept out of date. The seal additional acted as a protection in opposition to fraud, modifications to a contract after the very fact, or the inclusion of an undisclosed principal within the contract.

Prior to now, courts would solely settle for a seal pressed in wax. By the nineteenth century, this requirement had steadily disappeared. As a replacement, it grew to become acceptable to make use of different strategies to seal a doc, together with printing the phrases Locus Sigilli, typically abbreviated as L.S., by itself or in a circle.

By the nineteenth century, embossed or impressed seals had changed wax seals in most jurisdictions, together with using the initials L.S. rather than a seal. In fashionable utilization, an embossed paper disk, an impression within the paper itself, or a stamped-ink seal has changed the wax seal, with the initials L.S. generally indicating the place the seal must be positioned.

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