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Moratorium – What are the pros and cons of a moratorium?

What is a moratorium?

The concept of a moratorium can be found in legislative history. The practice is seen in the following cases: Limitations on FERC jurisdiction over interstate pipelines As noted in the example above, a moratorium may be invoked if the public or affected landowners believe the activities surrounding a particular pipeline or utility, or related infrastructure, will create a hazard. This can be based on facts such as how the pipeline crosses an aquatic environment or an endangered s

pecies habitat, and can be placed on any physical issue. This is usually an informal rather than a formal action. When it is imposed on an interstate pipeline, for example, the FERC will typically enter a “Proceeding of Inquiry,” limiting the companies doing business on the pipeline or generating revenue from it.

The RBI’s three-month moratorium

In a recent interaction, P.C. Watal, member, Central Board of the Reserve Bank of India, spoke of a three-month moratorium the central bank proposes to impose on new bank licenses. Under the proposal, no new banks will be formed for three months after the new regulatory board is set up. A bank license should ideally be a provisional one, with conditions for sustaining the initial financials and an extended time to resolve issues.

Watal’s take is in response to the government’s push for bank consolidation – an issue flagged in the finance minister’s speech in Parliament last week. The recent merger of India Post and Indian Banks’ Association, which itself took over, will make the RBoI’s stand look all the more logical.

How does a moratorium work?

As a temporary measure, a moratorium restricts or slows down a company’s daily operations until the issue is resolved. A court can enter a moratorium on many actions, such as firing employees and not spending money, to allow a case to be investigated, trial and a final judgment to be issued.

What are the pros and cons of a moratorium?

SQD was set up with the support of many, to try to work towards a transformation of the financial system in Australia that empowers ordinary consumers to make the best decisions for themselves. In this regard, a regulatory proposal is currently under consideration by ASIC for a moratorium on foreclosures.

This moratorium is designed to give consumers more time to plan and prepare for moving into a new home, with fewer headaches as a result. However, there are many reasons why consumers might want to consider pressing pause, and making a few changes to how they handle their debt. FAQ What is a moratorium? A moratorium is a temporary suspension of activity or decision making until an event causes an unavoidable disruption in the industry, forcing them to move towards a solution.


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