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Mutual Consent Divorce Agreement, Alimony, Draft

What is mutual consent divorce agreement?

Section 13-B of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 states about Mutual Consent Divorce Agreement. Mutual consent divorce means both the partners agree for divorce for peaceful separation. Both the partners may approach the court and file a petition for mutual consent divorce before the Hon’ble Court. However, Mutual Consent Divorce is the fastest way to dissolve the marriage.

No Petition for divorce before one year of marriage

The parties have to wait for one year from the date of marriage to file the divorce petition. Therefore, it is necessary to show that parties are living separately for one year or more before the filing of the petition of divorce. Moreover, there are different mutual consent divorce case laws available on the internet. In mutual consent divorce, child custody can decide by mutual agreement. Also, both the parties can decide mutual consent divorce alimony and mutual consent divorce conditions/ mutual consent divorce agreement.


The mutual consent divorce cost in India

Mutual consent divorce case type of Divorce Petition. The mutual consent divorce cost in India/ mutual consent divorce fees is different depends upon the lawyer. Mutual consent divorce compensation depends upon mutual agreement between parties. In mutual consent, divorce cooling period waiver is not possible.

Mutual consent Divorce Decree

A mutual consent divorce certificate is the Mutual consent Divorce Decree. Mutual consent divorce case status can be a check on the official website of the court. mutual consent divorce draft is available on the internet. The Mutual consent divorce decree sample India is available in India. A mutual consent divorce appeal period is 60 days.

 Mutual consent divorce documents

Documents required for mutual consent divorce in India are Marriage Invitation Card, Marriage Certificate, Marriage Ceremony Photograph, Address Proof and Identity Proof etc. are require for mutual consent divorce.

Mutual consent divorce takes how much time –

Mutual consent divorce duration is six months.

The mutual consent divorce paper format

mutual consent divorce draft pdf/ mutual consent divorce deed format/ mutual consent divorce affidavit format/ mutual consent divorce agreement format/ mutual consent divorce agreement sample India is available on the internet.

Mutual consent divorce case laws

Sureshta Devi v. Om Prakash, Shikha Bhatia vs. Gaurav Bhatia & Ors

Where to present a Mutual divorce petition?

In the jurisdiction of family court or district court where the marriage takes place or where the parties last live together.

What are the Different laws of divorce for different religion in India?

Hindu Marriage Act,1955, Indian Divorce Act-1869, The Indian Christian Marriage Act,1872, Dissolution of Marriage Act,1939, The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act,1986, The Parsi Marriage & Divorce Act-1936, Special Marriage Act,1954.

The procedure of mutual consent divorce in India/ how to apply for a divorce with mutual consent

 The divorce petition has to submit in the district court or family court. Thereafter court record the statements of the parties. And then the court adjourns the matter for six months.

After six months the parties have to appear before the court. The court again confirms with the parties. After confirmation with the parties, the court passes the decree of divorce.

Can mutual consent divorce be withdrawn?

Any party to the mutual divorce petition can withdraw his/her consent for Mutual divorce during six months. He/she need to apply for withdrawal before the court.

When the divorced persons can remarry?

Yes, remarriage after mutual consent divorce in India is possible. However, Mutual consent divorce before one year of marriage is not possible. A divorce petition cannot file before one year of marriage. The same law applies to mutual consent divorce in Bangalore. Can mutual consent divorce be challenged? The answer is Yes. However, Marriage can get dissolve fast and this is the benefits of mutual consent divorce. Divorce by mutual consent under Hindu law comes under section 13B. Section 13 B of Hindu Marriage Law is applicable for mutual consent divorce format in Marathi, mutual consent divorce format in Hindi, mutual consent divorce in Telugu.

 And Indian Divorce law is applicable for mutual consent divorce for Muslim and mutual consent divorce for Christian couples. Also, the mutual consent divorce final hearing takes place after six months of filing the mutual divorce petition. It’s a mutual consent divorce hence there are no mutual consent divorce grounds. However, if a party is not available, mutual consent divorce through power of attorney is possible.

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