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Oblique Technique Definition

What Is the Oblique Technique?

The oblique technique is certainly one of two accounting therapies used to generate a cash flow statement. The oblique technique makes use of will increase and reduces in stability sheet line gadgets to change the working part of the money move assertion from the accrual method to the cash method of accounting.

The opposite choice for finishing a money move assertion is the direct method, which lists precise money inflows and outflows made in the course of the reporting interval. The oblique technique is extra generally utilized in observe, particularly amongst bigger companies.

Key Takeaways :

  • Below the oblique technique, the money move assertion begins with web revenue on an accrual foundation and subsequently provides and subtracts non-cash gadgets to reconcile to precise money flows from operations.
  • The oblique technique is commonly simpler to make use of than the direct technique since most bigger companies already use accrual accounting.
  • The complexity and time required to checklist each money disbursement—as required by the direct technique—makes the oblique technique most popular and extra generally used.

Understanding the Oblique Technique

The money move assertion primarily facilities on the sources and makes use of of money by an organization, and it’s intently monitored by buyers, collectors, and different stakeholders. It presents data on money generated from varied actions and depicts the consequences of modifications in asset and liability accounts on an organization’s money place.

The oblique technique presents the assertion of money flows starting with net income or loss, with subsequent additions to or deductions from that quantity for non-cash income and expense gadgets, leading to money move from working actions.

The oblique technique is less complicated than the direct technique to organize as a result of most firms preserve their information on an accrual foundation.

Instance of the Oblique Technique

Below the accrual technique of accounting, revenue is acknowledged when earned, not essentially when money is obtained. If a buyer buys a $500 widget on credit score, the sale has been made however the money has not but been obtained. The income remains to be acknowledged within the month of the sale.

The oblique technique of the money move assertion makes an attempt to revert the file to the money technique to depict precise money inflows and outflows in the course of the interval. On this instance, on the time of sale, a debit would have been made to accounts receivable and a credit score to gross sales income within the quantity of $500. The debit will increase accounts receivable, which is then displayed on the stability sheet.

Below the oblique technique, the money flows assertion will current web revenue on the primary line. The next traces will present will increase and reduces in asset and legal responsibility accounts, and this stuff can be added to or subtracted from web revenue primarily based on the money influence of the merchandise.

On this instance, no money had been obtained however $500 in income had been acknowledged. Due to this fact, web revenue was overstated by this quantity on a money foundation. The offset was sitting within the accounts receivable line merchandise on the stability sheet. There would should be a discount from web revenue on the money move assertion within the quantity of the $500 improve to accounts receivable attributable to this sale. It will be displayed as “Improve in Accounts Receivable (500).”

Oblique Technique vs. Direct Technique

The money move assertion is split into three classes—cash flows from operating activities, cash flows from investing activities, and cash flows from financing activities. Though complete money generated from working actions is identical underneath the direct and oblique strategies, the data is introduced in a distinct format.

Below the direct technique, the money move from working actions is introduced as precise money inflows and outflows on a money foundation, with out ranging from web revenue on an accrued foundation. The investing and financing sections of the assertion of money flows are ready in the identical method for each the oblique and direct strategies.

Many accountants favor the oblique technique as a result of it’s easy to organize the money move assertion utilizing data from the opposite two frequent monetary statements, the income statement and balance sheet. Most firms use the accrual technique of accounting, so the revenue assertion and stability sheet can have figures in step with this technique.

Nevertheless, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) prefers firms use the direct technique because it presents a clearer image of money flows out and in of a enterprise. Nevertheless, if the direct technique is used, it’s nonetheless really helpful to do a reconciliation of the money move assertion to the stability sheet.

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